San Francisco Paper Lambastes Christians as “Easily Terrified, Mindless Lemmings

(This Article Is Reprinted from a Recent Press Release.)

“If you think the hordes of easily terrified, mindless, fundamentalist, evangelical Christian lemmings have been bad for the sould of this country, just wait.” San Fransisco Chronicle, 10/24/07


On Wednesday, October 24, the San Francisco Chronicle considered it thought provoking to run a rant by one of it’s liberal columnists about the state of todays teenagers. Columnist Mark Morford criticizes the government for churning out students with a “decline in overall acumen.” But he also takes a shot at Christians as “bad for the soul of this country.”

The MRC’s Culture and Media Institute Director Robert Knight is appalled by Morford’s assumption that Christianity is killing America.

“Mr.Morford rails against miseducation in the public schools, but then inexplicably and gratuitously takes a vicious jab at Christians, calling them ‘lemmings.’ His remark is right down there with the notorious statement by the Washington Post’s Michael Weiskopf that Christians are ‘poor, uneducated and easy to command.’ Why has the Chronicle given a platform to someone who exhibits the same contempt and bigotry toward Christians?

“Morford also seems confused. He laments the loss of personal responsibility, and then attacks the group that is trying to live up to that all-American virtue. It’s not the Christians who have been turning public schools away from academics and toward ‘feel-good’ self-esteem centers; it’s the National Education Association and associated left wing groups who do not speak for all teachers but act as if they do,” Knight said.

CMI’s Senior Writer, Kristen Fyfe, is equally perturbed by Morford’s tirade:

“Perhaps if Morford traveled outside the liberal enclave of San Francisco, where the city grants permits for fairs celebrating sadistic sex on public streets but denies the Marines permission to film a commercial on those same city streets, and kicks the Boy Scouts out of the schools, they’d see a different American teen, ” stated Kristen Fyfe.

“Maybe if teachers and parents held kids accountable for making the most of their education, instead of blaming the government and the ‘power elite,’ the kids would be a little less despondent.”


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