It’s Never Too Late (to learn about Black History Month…)

Okay, I slept through February. It was a rough month for us, but I would like to continue the Black History Month tradition into March because I can. It’s my blog. I can do whatever I want…

My son has been reading “Amos Fortune, Free Man” for his 7th grade English/Lit class. We have always tried to teach him to learn from the past and look into our history in order to glean from it tools he can use in the real world, for himself and for his children after him.

Studying Black History sometimes makes me feel like somewhere in this vast continent, I have some long-lost relative hiding somewhere in the woods with his inbred prejudices and his coon hounds to warn of approaching “revenuers”… with a shotgun at the ready to send them packing. I shudder at the thought, but also get some relief from the fact that I have no idea who my blood relatives actually are, being the blessed adoptee I am.

But studying Black History from a Christian perspective puts a whole different spin on it. I read a very interesting perspective on this subject and thought I would share it with you… and before you wonder why I put it in certain categories, just go check it out

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