Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed – Supertrailer

No Intelligence Allowed - SupertrailerThe always irrepressible Ben Stein takes on the scientific super-establishment in the soon-to-be-released documentary style movie slated to release in theaters – ironically at the end of the school year.

The firmly ensconced ruling philosophy of humanism (disguised as “science”) has, until now, been like an imposing, impenetrable wall. Launch any weapon at it, and the weapon would fall, useless and clattering before the formidable structure.

And then along comes Ben Stein.

With his usual rapier wit, Mr. Stein peels away the layers of power to reveal that what lies below is not a reasoned, scientific body of intellectual scientists, but rather a bunch of philosophers posing as such. Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed deftly exposes the true agenda of the anti-achademic-freedom camp that direct “science education” from on high.

You can watch the supertrailer here:
“Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed”

Atheism’s Aggressive Political Agenda (Related Article)

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4 Responses to “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed – Supertrailer”

  1. Matt Says:

    Sadly this documentary has already been shown to be full of it.
    Deceptive practices during creation, including lying to those they interviewed. Their examples of so called academic discrimination proven to be wrong with just casual research. Failing to present any sort of evidence for ID or even defining what ID or the Theory of Evolution entails during the film. Using arguments that are either logically nonsensical and/or disproven long ago… and let’s not forget that they’re paying people to go see it.

    In short, all indications so far are that it is hardly credible stuff.

  2. The Reformed Faith Weblog Says:


    You say the documentary has been shown to be full of it… by whom? And how did they show it? Please cite your references.

    Also, the film makers were not out to describe ID or even the theory of evolution. Their intent was mainly to show the proven academic discrimination against anyone who would dare to question the the evolutionary theory – Darwin’s Theory that life came from nothing and progressed from that nothing to the astounding complexity that you see today… Abiogenesis itself has never been proven to have ever happened and indeed has been debunked by the very scientific community that claims the whole process must have happened (which takes faith).

    Paying people to see it? Gee, how much? I need to get in on that gig. (Have you seen the price of gas these days?)

    Reformed Faith Admin

  3. Matt Says:

    A couple of days I went and made an overview style of the Expelled topic on my own blog, which covers all the ways (and there are a few) in which the movie fails. It provides links and references to all the information you require on it.


  4. Expell Those Myths About “Expelled - No Intelligence Allowed” « Reformed Faith’s Weblog Says:

    […] of my previous posts, Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed – Supertrailer, received a couple of comments from someone posing (I think) as an expert on the subject. These […]

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