Martin Luther King, Jr. – Remembering His Legacy After 40 Years Without Him

Martin Luther King, Jr. - March on Washington Speech

On this date forty years ago, Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee at the Lorraine Hotel as he stood outside on the landing. He had been helping to organize the sanitation workers there to help them improve their lot. They were some of the poorest workers in the city, and MLK’s heart was to help those who were oppressed.

For this he was killed. He saw the status quo as being something that needed to be changed – peacefully with persistence, but in the end, changed for the betterment of all people no matter their race or background. Would that more people would take up worthy causes with this spirit in mind.

Take a moment today to honor his memory and to use your own talents and gifts to change the world for the good of all. And with Love.

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Also learn more about the history of the civil rights movement and MLK’s role in it here:
The King Center

And now a little something that not many people know about him here:
Why Martin Luther King was a Republican.


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