Jesus’ life was one of purpose and direction, which was plain to see in the Gospels of the Bible. He was not just a teacher to those who sat under his gaze day in and day out, he was also a discipler and a mentor. The hundreds of people who followed him and heard him and tried to live as he taught were his disciples, yes, in a larger sense, but those who were closest to Him were few… it was those few who went on to make the biggest impact on the world.

But discipleship takes time. Lots of time… how willing are we to invite others into our lives and homes in order to make an impact on the upcoming generation of Christians? How willing are we to live our lives in a godly way in front of people to train them for the works of service?

Take a look at this article by Joshua Harris posted on the Ligonier Ministries Blog.

Ligonier Ministries Blog
The Next Generation
Posted: 07 Apr 2008 07:02 AM CDT
Generation to Generation
by Joshua Harris

When I turned twenty-one, my dad gave me this simple advice: “Find men that you want to be like and then sit at their feet.” As I launched into manhood, he was reminding me that the lessons I needed most wouldn’t be found in a textbook — they’d be written in the heart and life of a godly man. I needed to get close enough to this man that I could observe his character and be shaped by his example. I needed a mentor…

You can find the rest of this great article here:


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