Undercover at Planned Parenthood – Mainstream Media Ignores Unethical and Illegal Behavior of PP Employees

As Michelle Malkin points out in this commentary, when investigative reporters go under cover to expose unethical behavior in, say, military recruiting methods, the mainstream media stands up to applaud. But when someone does the same thing to Planned Parenthood, it just doesn’t fit into their agenda and so gets ignored. Can you imagine the military suing someone for reporting unethical behavior that turns out to be true? Just watch and listen to the recordings…

Now, if the “underage girls” in question were asking them to abort babies that were planted there by priests, those Planned Parenthood people would have been on the phone so fast to the authorities it would have made your head spin… as well they should, since sexual contact with a minor by an adult is a criminal offense and they are legally bound to report the incident. Regardless of how the student got the recordings, the employees had no way of knowing the caller was not underage and gave the advice they would have given under similar circumstances with an authentic caller… and yet there is no investigation by authorities OR the mainstream media into this type of unethical behavior by Planned Parenthood employees? Why haven’t their employees been required to take ethics courses?

Perhaps it is because Planned Parenthood has no moral ethics, and since it doesn’t fit their agenda the mainstream media WANTS to keep it out of the news…

Hypocrisy in action, folks.


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