Was it Morally Wrong for Bush to Attend the Olympics?

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The Olympics Logo.

I am not watching the Olympics this year. The reason I am not watching the games is not because of any protest or boycott or any other really noble cause, although I wholeheartedly support these types of things when circumstances warrant. When a good friend told me their family was boycotting them, I said, “Good! Me too… just like I do every 4 years.” I am not watching the olympics because I think they are boring. It just seemed a little silly to claim I wasn’t watching THIS year because I was boycotting them.

I’m not much a of a sports fan. Never really have been. I think watching sports is about as stimulating as getting my body checked for suspicious moles or (no offense to stargazers out there) waiting an hour to catch a glimpse of one shooting star only to recover from a sneeze just as everyone says, “OOoooh, There goes one! Did you see it?”.

Not boycotting the Olympics this year yourself? That’s okay, I suppose. President Bush went to the Olympics this year much to the chagrin of many human rights activists who thought he should have used it as an opportunity to shame China for their many documented human rights abuses.

But as Chuck Colson observed, going to the Olympics turned out for Bush to be a very good opportunity to speak out indeed… loud enough for many of the Chinese people (and it’s government) to hear loud and clear…

See what I mean by reading the August 15th Break Point Chuck Colson commentary