Amazing Grace – 

The History and Theology

of Calvinism – ReMastered

 This is anything but a dry treatise on theology. Clever analogies, thoughtful commentary by some of todays great reformed theologians and creative production will keep you engaged… and as always, Eric Holmberg’s gentle, sure voice of reason breaks through even the most dense fog of doubt or misunderstanding about the great gospel truths of the doctrines of Grace. Dr. George Grant, the late Dr. D. James Kennedy, Dr. Stephen Mansfield, Dr. R.C. Sproul, and others lend their voices to this colloquium…

This is undoubtedly a superb study tool that takes the deep doctrines of the great reformers and breaks them down so well that anyone with even a rudimentary Bible knowledge can understand it. I believe this should become a standard part of any church-goers library, whether you’re a leader or a layman. Another great production from Eric Holmberg and The Apologetics Group – Way to go, Eric!

( Eric Holmberg has been in ministry for nearly 30 years, and has written and produced such notable documentary-style seminar presentations as Hell’s Bells – The Dangers of Rock and Roll, Hell’s Bells Two – The Power and Spirit of Popular Music, Sounds Of War – Rock, Rap and the Spiritual World, Shadows of the Supernatural, and many more great evangelical and theological study tools.First released in 2004, the Remastered version of Amazing Grace – The History and Theology of Calvinism can now be had at a fantastically discounted price at The Apologetics Group Official Website…

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