Useful Links & General Resources

I wanted to provide a page of links where you could find outside websites based on category, so I have provided a few categories to start off with and will be adding more categories and links as time permits.

While some of these links may not technically be related to Growing as a Christian or Theology, I feel it is vital for anyone who walks outside their home on a regular basis to be aware of what is going on in the culture and address the culture from a Christian Worldview. Some links may not appear to have any relation to the subjects posted on TRFW… or even be an obviously Christian site… however, they may actually reflect another person’s observations of one small part in a “big picture” scheme to secularize and/or regulate our life and slowly erode our right to live in a free society…

I will be adding more to this page as time allows. My desire is to direct people to resources that tell a deeper story, or that reveal issues from a different perspective. Check back every now and again for more entries to this page.

In His Grip, The Reformed Faith Weblog Administrator

African American Studies/American History/Political History:

You can find some excellent African-American and political history for your library here:

Wallbuilders African American History Shop page.

DVD resources for your African-American studies or Black History Month:
Setting the Record Straight – American History in Black and White. A great DVD Resource for any home or school library.


Neglected Voices: Speeches of African American Congressmen in the late 1800’s (all Republicans)
Post Civil War.
Neglected Voices



Apologetics (Culture):
Fixed Point Foundation

Black Genocide – L.E.A.R.N. (Life Education And Resource Network)

The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform (Warning! This site contains a graphic video of an actual abortion, so if you want to keep your head in the sand about what abortion really is, hit the pause button. You will have ten seconds. You have been warned…)

Books/Literature/Video/Reference/Resources – Your Family Bookstore

Life Ethics:
Life Ethics at Christianity Today.

Science (Eugenics/Biotech):
“The Eliminators” by Chuck Colson

(Evolution/Creation/ID/Academic Freedom)

The Academic persecution of Guillermo Gonzalez at Iowa State University. (So much for academic freedom.)

All About Science

Evolution Facts

Creation Evidence Museum

Abiogenic Origin of Life: A
Theory in Crisis

Why Abiogenesis Is Impossible

(Religious Neutrality?)

How Religiously Neutral are the Anti-Creationist Organisations?

(Global Warming?)
Watt’s Up With That? Chronicling NOAA’s Methods for Recording Their Official Temperatures.

(Environmental Issues)
Consumers in the Dark about Dangers of New Light Bulbs.
Check out the Warning label in this story on the Florescent light bulbs now compulsory in the U.K.

U.S. Constitution (and Related Documents)

U.S. History Website
(With LOTS of links and pages.)

The Federalist Papers

Other Link Resources:

Worthy Links Christian Search Engine

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